January 18, 2019
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Belinda Burgess, Burgess Family Law

Doyles Guide

Belinda has devoted her career of more than 25 years to the practise of family and relationship law. In 2001 she gained accreditation from the Law Society of New South Wales as a Family Law Specialist. Belinda is ranked in the Doyle’s Guide to the Australian Legal Market as one of only five Leading Family Lawyers in the Northern Rivers and North Coast Region of New South Wales.

She commenced her career in Coffs Harbour on the mid North Coast of New South Wales before taking a position in Sydney to practice in a highly regarded specialist family law department in a well known CBD firm. In 2003 she relocated to the North Coast of New South Wales to work with a specialist family law practice in Lismore. In 2016 she commenced her own practice based in Lismore.

Belinda represents clients in the Family Court of Australia, the Federal Circuit Court of Australia and in the Civil courts such as the Supreme Court when there are issues associated with a family law matter.

During the years 1993 – 2002 she was frequently appointed to represent the interests of children in many complex parenting cases.

She has a special interest in complex parenting cases, particularly those involving issues of relocation of children. She has a strong commercial acumen and is frequently involved in financial cases involving complex corporate and trust structures and the valuation of businesses. She is a skilled court advocate and conducts interim hearings in both parenting and financial matters.

Her career has seen her involved in a number of law making cases.

Belinda has an aptitude for quickly assessing the most direct and efficient approach to achieving her client’s objective. Her clients enjoy her frank style and commitment to resolving their matter in a streamlined and cost effective manner. She strives to ‘look outside the square’ and pursue tailored and insightful outcomes.