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I have been involved in essentially all areas of personal injury litigation since commencing practice with the firm in 1996.  I have practiced exclusively in the field of personal injuries that entire time.

I have helped clients involved in motor vehicle accidents – from those with whiplash injuries, to those who have suffered spinal fractures, post-traumatic stress syndrome, loss of limbs, paraplegia and the family of lost loved ones in fatalities.

As a director of the Brain Injury Foundation I have a keen interest in helping people who have suffered a brain injury and have assisted them seek redress for that.

I’m equally passionate about cycling and created our Cycle Law Division.  I have helped hundreds of cyclists resolve their claims.

I have represented clients in class-action type claims involving failed medical instruments and acted for communities effected by noxious fumes from neighbouring industry.

There have been claims for many people effected by failures in the medical system or by doctor error that I have represented. As well as those who have been injured through their work.

I have brought proceedings against lawyers (who have made errors themselves either in failing to pursue a claim or by under-settling it) and pursued claims against international car manufacturers (for design faults leading to injury).  I’ve also acted for clients injured overseas (in Canada, the USA and Europe) and helped navigate through the foreign laws and secured good results.

There have also been claims against the operators of large ships and other marine vessels.  As well as claims against international resorts, national retailers and shopping centres.

The claims have not been limited to only those who have been injured – but also others effected by that:  including spouses, the family of deceased, companies and others.

I have been involved in litigation at all levels: from early claims resolution, to mediations through to court litigation and trials.  I have represented clients in court in claims in all jurisdictions in Queensland – the Magistrates Court, the District Court, the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal.  I have also been involved in inter-state and international litigation claims.