February 21, 2019
Doyle's Guide

Lucy Thomas, Patterson & Dowding

Doyles Guide

Lucy regularly appears in both the Family Court and the Children’s Court. Her extensive experience as a family lawyer in Perth and her knowledge of the law means that her clients are represented by a specialist who is well equipped to assist clients’ understanding of and participation in the Family Court process and in any associated mediation.

Lucy has considerable experience as a mediator and has chaired many alternative dispute mediation conferences, resulting in settlements.

In addition to private client work, Lucy has acted extensively as an Independent Children’s Lawyer in litigated cases. She has considerable experience in dealing with difficult issues surrounding allegations of abuse of children, both in the Family Court and in the Children’s Court, representing both the Department for Child Protection and Family Services and children.

Her role as an Independent Children’s Lawyer has given her extensive litigation experience including trial work which she has undertaken for private clients as well as in her capacity as an Independent Children’s Lawyer.