February 16, 2019
Doyle's Guide

Perth Criminal Lawyers & Barristers Pty Ltd

Doyles Guide

We are a premium criminal defence law firm providing clients with expert Criminal Court representation in courts around Perth and regional Western Australia.

Our firm dedicates time to every client without exception and from day one we develop a customized strategy suitable for each client’s individual circumstances. This individualised approach has led to many excellent outcomes for our clients particularly clients charged with sexual offences, drug offences, disorderly conduct and assaults.

Noeleen Robinson and Cathryn Ng are the senior defence lawyers at Perth Criminal Lawyers & Barristers. Read more about us

If you have been arrested or charged by the police do provide your name, address and contact details to the police but do not take part in an interview until you have spoken with us especially if you wish to defend your charges at trial. Contact Noeleen or Cathryn to book an appointment on (08) 9221 1201.