February 23, 2019
Doyle's Guide

Peter Hooper, Hooper Family Lawyers

Doyles Guide

I am very fortunate to have found an area of practice I enjoy so much.

My view is few areas of practice combine complicated legal issues, with such a very strong focus on people and relationships like Family Law. Being within Commonwealth jurisdiction Family Law creates a collegiate connection between practitioners Australia wide.

Each Family Law client and his or her issues are largely unique; and only personalised service from a practitioner with a secure knowledge base does their matters justice. The “sausage factory” approach has no place in family law.

When I set up my firm I wanted to keep our vision and mission statements simple and unambiguous.

Our vision is:

• To maintain the highest standards of family law knowledge and practice;

• To regard our clients as the reason why we practice family law, and to assist them in a time of need;

• To provide a “big end of town” service at suburban rates.

Our mission is:

• We will provide our clients with supportive, expert advice, tailored to their circumstances and needs;

• We work with our clients to explore the resolutions best for them;

• We aim to mitigate as best we can the stress and difficulty of separation by achieving outcomes most likely to reduce stress, expense, unnecessary litigation and to promote working relationships moving forward.