February 20, 2019
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Jason Geisker, Maurice Blackburn

Doyles Guide
Jason Geisker is a class actions Principal in Maurice Blackburn’s Sydney office, focusing on class action litigation and social justice matters. A tenacious and hard-working lawyer, Jason pursues cases with the client’s end goals and objectives in mind. Jason has acted in a number of a significant matters, has more than 11 years of class action litigation and 20 years of civil litigation experience. He is currently working on the Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda class actions, the Tamaya Resources shareholder class action and the City Pacific litigation. “I’m motivated to fight for my clients to see wrongs addressed on a large scale. Resolving large scale class actions can help to bring about changes in corporate culture and improvements in governance standards.  It also leads to better compliance with the law. These positive outcomes make pursuing these types of cases very fulfilling” says Jason. Jason is or has overseen various class actions including:
  • Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda class action, arising from the ‘dieselgate’ scandal over emissions test cheating around the world. The class actions were brought in late 2015 on behalf of 100,000 Australian motorists seeking redress from the vehicle manufacturers for losses suffered as a result of the sale of dirty diesel engine vehicles, which were passed off as low emission clean diesel technology.
  • City Pacific Limited class action trial in the Federal Court on behalf of Trilogy Funds Management representing 11,000 investors against former City Pacific Limited directors for alleged breaches of the Corporations Act. This action started in 2012 and culminated in a successful $63m judgment ordered against former City Pacific directors in December 2015.  The judgment compensated investors following major losses resulting from the mortgage fund’s bad loans issued on the basis of overvalued mortgage securities offered by Atkinson Gore Agricultural Pty Limited, (a Craig Gore related company). This is one of very few matters to go all the way through the legal process to judgment.
  • Nufarm class action settlement of $46.625m in 2012 for over 3,000 Nufarm Ltd investors, on the basis that Nufarm had breached its continuous disclosure obligations, and also made its FY2010 forecast without any reasonable basis and had engaged in misleading conduct.
  • AWB class action settlement of $39.5m for almost 1,300 eligible shareholders in 2010 regarding AWB’s involvement in the ‘Oil-for-food’ kickback scandal. It was alleged that AWB failed to disclose the nature of the kickback payments, and that AWB engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct.
  • Gunns Ltd class action on behalf of over 300 shareholders regarding Gunns' failure to disclose material information regarding a significant deterioration in its likely financial performance in 2009. In September 2012, an administrator was appointed to Gunns and the proceeding was automatically stayed as a result.
“Our class action team’s unparalleled success in Australia is recognised internationally, throughout the legal profession and by litigation funders and the various corporate and government respondents against whom we take action. We are the only Australian law firm to have secured class action settlements in excess of $100 million and we have now recovered in excess of $2 billion for victims of wrongdoing in Australia.” Since 1995, Jason has also actively worked on various legal and policy reforms including access to justice issues and civil procedure.