December 18, 2018
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Samantha Gershon, Withers

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Samantha is a partner in the divorce and family team.

She has over 20 years’ experience in litigation and uses her commercial litigation experience to provide a unique perspective to family law cases. Samantha has an established team and a particular interest in the law concerning prenuptial agreements: an evolving area in Hong Kong both in law and procedurally. She has acted for a number of high net worth individuals in divorce proceedings where she has sought on their behalf an order in terms of pre-nuptial agreements signed by the parties.

Samantha has worked on a number of cases where she has had to advise on multi-jurisdictional corporate issues, which has meant also advising on international trust structures involving the jurisdictions of Cayman, the BVI or Jersey. With her commercial litigation experience she is able to obtain worldwide injunctive relief if required.

Although being a tenacious litigator, Samantha is a strong advocate for mediation. She assists a number of parties through the mediation process in order to avoid contested proceedings and if complicated legal issues often attends mediation sessions to assist in reaching amicable solutions.

Samantha has brought a number of cases to a successful conclusion at the Financial Dispute Resolution.

She advises on all children issues and attends CDRs. At times she has to deal with acrimonious and highly contentious cases where no issues can be agreed upon.

Prior to moving to Hong Kong she worked as a solicitor for the Metropolitan Police Service. She was solely responsible for an action that was to be the largest jury trial ever to be held in a County Court in London. She was awarded a police Commendation for her legal advice and case management skills in handling that action. Whilst with the Metropolitan Police she had a special role within the department dealing with children and wardship issues.


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