December 19, 2018
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Sarah Keenan, Farrar Gesini Dunn

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Sarah is the Fararr Gesini Dunn go-to expert for financial agreements. She has a particular nous for difficult questions of law and is a natural strategist. Sarah’s passion is getting outcomes that work, most of the time by helping clients reach agreement but by fighting hard in court if that is what is needed. Those skills enable her to formulate settlement options that deliver better outcomes for her client and she is a master tactician in litigated cases. If you want someone clever helping you with one of the biggest challenges of your life, she’s a great choice.

She is a formidable opponent in family law disputes. Sarah always has an eye on the big picture and works with what matters to clients. That’s one of the reasons she’s passionate about collaborative law because even though she’s a technical lawyer, she’s seen time and time again how it’s a better process that delivers better outcomes for clients no matter what the issues are or how difficult it seems. For Sarah collaborating isn’t about being soft, but it’s about being clever. particular strengths

  • Binding Financial Agreements/Asset Protection
  • Collaboration
  • Tax, Trusts, Commercial


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