July 7, 2022
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Lyndell O’Connor, O’Connor Patterson Smith

Lyndell O’Connor, O’Connor Patterson Smith

Lyndell completed her Bachelor of Laws degree at James Cook University and began her legal career by working in private practice. Lyndell later joined a Community Legal Service in 2008 where she practiced in the area of criminal law, appearing regularly as an advocate before the Magistrates Court, Childrens Court and higher courts in Townsville and surrounding areas.  Working as an advocate for the legal rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is one of Lyndell’s passions, being a proud Aboriginal woman of Waanji heritage (lower gulf area of Northern Queensland).

In 2012, Lyndell commenced working for the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (Child Safety) where she gained extensive knowledge of the child protection system which enables her to give appropriate and comprehensive advice about the complexities of navigating this jurisdiction.

Lyndell’s previous employment has added to her accomplished advocacy skills and extensive experience across the jurisdictions of criminal law and child protection matters.  Lyndell has a strong sense of social justice and is passionate about protecting the rights of her clients.  Lyndell’s attention to detail, preparation and commitment to her clients ensures best possible outcomes.

07 4426 1000
150 Walker Street
Townsville Qld 4810
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North Queensland

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