January 18, 2019
Doyle's Guide

Basil Karsas, Karsas Lawyers

Doyles Guide

Basil is the director of Karsas Lawyers. He has significant experience as a leading criminal lawyer with added expertise in the areas of Corporate and White Collar Crimes. He has practised both in Criminal and Civil Law matters working in law firms and in-house for publicly listed corporations.

Basil has always differentiated himself as being available to all clients 24 hours a day, for any serious matters that they might be involved in. He is committed to obtaining the very best outcome for each and every client, whether it is through negotiation with the authorities or arguing the case in court. In respect to Corporate and White Collar Crime, he understands that a seemingly innocuous request for information can often result in charges that could have been avoided had the individual or company sought the proper legal advice at the time of any first signs of an investigation.

Basil has had experience in corporate mergers and acquisitions, documenting and litigating business agreements, asset protection and trust structures and assisting with various other complex matters when representing high net worth individuals.

Basil brings a pragmatic and well-considered approach to all his dealings both in the Criminal and Corporate Crime arena. He understands that every client has different concerns, and he knows that discretion is often warranted when a client finds themselves before the court.