January 18, 2019
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Bill Potts, Potts Lawyers

Doyles Guide

Our founding director brings to Potts Lawyers a breadth of criminal law experience derived from a successful career spanning more than three decades. His professional values are the touchstone which now guides his team of eight criminal law advocates.

“I am here to defend my clients to the very best of my ability. That requires me to listen and give considered, strategic advice. In court, I am determined to fight for the best possible outcome for every client, whether that be a battler or a major corporation.”

Bill sees his role as that of ally, navigating a path for his clients through the enormous stress of a criminal investigation or prosecution. That role takes him all round the country and to all courts from the Magistrates to the High Courts, defending clients charged with the most serious of offences. A sample of his cases  are listed in the media section of this website.

What that means for all clients of Potts Lawyers is access to the strongest possible defence and the retinue of skills essential to effective representation.

“The art of advocacy isn’t limited to the courtroom but extends beyond that… to effective negotiation based on the insight which only experience can bring.”

As one of Queensland’s most senior criminal defence practitioners and the President of Queensland Law Society, Bill instils in his team a philosophy of client service, a strong work ethic, a passion for winning and an appreciation of the finer points of criminal law advocacy. He does this by working closely with his team, leading by example and adding his touch wherever and whenever it is needed.