January 17, 2019
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Cassandra Pullos, Pullos Lawyers

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Cassandra Pullos is one of Queensland’s senior Accredited Family Law Specialists who has practiced in Family, Relationship and Defacto law since her admission as a lawyer in 1985. She has a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the Queensland University of Technology.

She began her legal career in 1984 at one of the most respected law firms in Brisbane and for 17 years, between 1991 and 2008 was a partner in one of the Gold Coast’s oldest legal firms. Cassandra has specialist qualifications as a Queensland Law Society Accredited Family Law Specialist, a Collaborative Lawyer trained to the international standards of the International Academy of Collaborative Practitioners and has completed extensive training in mediation with the Bond University Centre for Dispute Resolution, the Leo Cussen Institute and the Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies.

In 2008 she established Pullos Lawyers as a boutique law firm focusing on Family, Relationship and Defacto Law and Alternate Dispute Resolution in all areas of law. Cassandra’s legal experience is not limited to Family Law, she has also practiced in the various areas of commercial based law which gives her a strong understanding of the wider issues of law associated with the breakdown of relationships and the restructuring of lives. More often than not in today’s world, peoples lives are organised by way of company structures, family trusts and unit trusts, taxation considerations and of course, much more now than ever before, superannuation.

Cassandra is a family lawyer who can integrate her knowledge and experience in all of these areas into the issues of property division, spousal maintenance, child support, estate planning and asset restructuring. Cassandra’s background in commercial and construction litigation before specializing in Family Law have given her a solid grounding as a strong and effective litigator in the Court system and she brings those skills to her practice of Family Law when the best alternative is a Court based resolution. She has a history of over 30 years as a tough, experienced and successful litigator in the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court. Her litigation experience is not limited to family law cases involving Australian issues, assets and children. She has a long and successful history in International Family Law disputes, having acted for clients or in cases with a connection with many overseas jurisdictions including South Africa, France, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, New Zealand, mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and various states in the United States of America. Cassandra also has a strong commitment to alternate dispute resolution and a particular interest in fostering and growing those methods that serve the client’s enlightened, long term and holistic interests and bring them to a durable outcome with integrity. In pursuit of that commitment she has extensive training as experience as a mediator, having first trained at the Bond University Centre for Alternate Dispute resolution in 1991 – when mediation was just being established in Australia as a viable and accepted alternative to litigation. Since then she has been instrumental in bringing to Australia the practice of Collaborative Law, a fairly recent addition, in Australia, to the alternatives available to the Court process of dispute resolution. Once again she has been at the cutting edge of new and emerging areas of the practice of Family Law. She was the founding President of Queensland Collaborative Law, served on that Committee for 10 years and has served on numerous committees of the International Academy of Collaborative Practice (the IACP) over the past 5 years. She has served on National Collaborative committees and been involved in the writing of the first Collaborative Best Practice Guidelines. She is a trainer in Collaborative Practice and has trained legal, financial and social services professionals throughout Australia to enable them to carry out the work of Collaborative Practice.