January 18, 2019
Doyle's Guide

Chris Lumme, Anderson Fredericks Turner

Doyles Guide

Chris Lumme is an Associate at Anderson Fredericks Turner. He leads the criminal law practice of the Toowoomba Office.

Chris is passionate about criminal law and providing strong advocacy to all of his clients. As an experienced criminal lawyer in the Toowoomba area, Chris takes on each case based on its merits and tailors his representation to the needs of every case. No two cases are the same.

With diverse experience in a range of criminal law matters, Chris is able to provide comprehensive and in-depth advice and representation to his clients.

As a regular advocate in the Toowoomba Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts, Chris has been accredited as a Duty Lawyer for Legal Aid Queensland. As part of his work as a criminal lawyer with Anderson Fredericks Turner, Chris also performs the work of a prosecutor on behalf of the RSPCA.

Chris also travels to courts throughout the Darling Downs area including Gatton, Oakey, Dalby, Warwick and Goondiwindi.