February 19, 2019
Doyle's Guide

Darren Hunter, Darren Hunter Family Law Solicitor

Doyles Guide

I have practised predominantly in family law over the last 10 years. I was a partner in Lewis and McNamara Solicitors, Hervey Bay, Queensland from 2001 until 2014, when I moved with my wife and daughter to the Byron Shire. In Hervey Bay I established a family law division with myself and eventually another solicitor to help with the workload. It is for purely lifestyle reasons that our family moved to the Byron Shire. I have established a practice focusing solely in family law.

I completed my law degree at the University of Queensland, St Lucia in 1992, where I also received a Bachelor of Commerce as part of a double degree program. In December 1992 I started work at Williams Graham and Carman Solicitors of Cairns, Queensland, before being admitted as a solicitor in January 1995. I worked in Cairns in civil litigation until my wife and I moved to Hervey Bay in 1997 to take up a position with Milburn Guttridge. I remained there until 2000, when I joined Lewis and McNamara, and began my focus upon family law.

I have obtained Law Society Specialist Accreditation in Family Law, completing a rigorous assessment of my skills in family law, a process that was both exhausting and rewarding.

I have practised in many areas including everything from personal injuries litigation, to property law and family law, but family law is the area which I find the most interesting and professionally challenging. It is not hard to find a solicitor who does family law, but it can be hard to find a solicitor whose passion is family law, and I can say without reservation, I love my job.