December 17, 2018
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Dr Martine Marich, Martine Marich & Associates

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Dr Martine Marich is the only Australian legal practitioner who is both an accredited specialist in criminal law and the holder of a Doctoral degree in law. These qualifications demonstrate a unique combination of highly developed skills in academic research and writing, and practical expertise through appearance in innumerable criminal cases.

Dr Martine Marich completed her undergraduate studies at Monash University in 1996, graduating with Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Science degrees. A Master of Laws degree followed in 1998, followed by a Doctor of Juridical Science in 2009, both from the Monash University Faculty of Law. Her doctoral thesis examined the principles of admissibility of sensitive investigative information in judicial proceedings, with particular emphasis on closed hearings in terrorism trials and fortification removal applications in Western Australia. She has lectured in criminal law, in evidence, and in other related disciplines, in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the Monash University Faculty of Law since 2000.

Dr Martine Marich was admitted to practice in Victoria in 1997, and as a practitioner of the High Court in 2001. In the years since admission to practice, she has developed and refined highly specialised skills in legal representation in cases in all Australian jurisdictions, with particular emphasis on Victorian and Western Australian law. She has appeared in all Victorian courts, in appeals, trials, committal proceedings, legal argument, and summary appearances. Most recently, she has acted as Counsel in a broad range of Royal Commission case studies involving the Anglican and Catholic Church, Anglican Schools, the Victorian government, and other institutions.

She is the current co-chair of the Law Institute of Victoria Criminal Law Specialisation Advisory Committee, a member of the Executive and General Committees of the Criminal Law section of the Law Institute of Victoria, and a member of the Administrative Law and Human Rights Committee of the


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