February 17, 2019
Doyle's Guide

Kay Rhodes, Fox & Thomas Lawyers

Doyles Guide

Kay is an accredited Family Law Specialist and works in the area of Relationship Law. She works closely with people involved in the breakdown of a relationship, assisting them to reach agreement or at last resort a court order. Kay is committed to using a process which is least likely to lead to litigation. Her aim is to preserve the dignity and integrity of the client and if possible, encourage a mature and civil relationship between the parties.
Kay works in conjunction with accountants and registered valuers to bring clarity and certainty to property issues. Kay has particular expertise in dealing with matters which involve agribusiness, family-owned enterprises entwined with corporate structures and third parties. Kay has been a family law accredited specialist for more than 19 years and was a member of the Queensland Law Society’s specialist accreditation committee.

Kay has undertaken training in Collaborative Law and is a member of the Queensland Collaborative Practice Group.
“I enjoy using quasi-collaborative law techniques with other respected Accredited Specialist Family Lawyers to achieve a less confrontational result in parenting and financial matters. I regularly arrange for early mediation of matters in both parenting and financial issues outside of the metropolitan areas with experienced mediators who are prepared to travel to regional areas and I’m excited with this model as a less intrusive method of resolving relationship disputes.”

Kay and Norman (Senior Partner) have worked together for a number of years in providing solutions which draw upon both their practice areas to provide a legally and commercially sensible solution to relationship breakdowns.