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Ken Philp, Founding Director, Bennett & Philp Lawyers


As one of the Bennett & Philp Founding Directors, Ken has more than 35 years’ experience in providing strategic commercial litigation and intellectual property advice. Ken is widely regarded as one of the top "go-to" people in intellectual property law in Australia.

As a senior intellectual property law specialist, Ken deals with complex and challenging disputes, providing his clients with astute, practical, commercial advice. His extensive, specialised intellectual property experience includes providing advice on copyright, trade mark, design and patent issues, brand protection, confidential information and its protection and litigation. Ken advises both international and Australia entities, investors and small to medium sized enterprises. His client and referral networks extend to the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. 

Ken’s successful litigation career extends back to the early 1980's. He has successfully litigated a number of high profile IP cases in the Federal Court of Australia and in appeals to the Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia and also the High Court of Australia over the past few decades, with important decisions that have set major precedents in intellectual property law. His most recent victory has been in the global trade mark war between rival alcohol brands Wild Geese and Wild Turkey resulting in a precedent-setting win for his client, Wild Geese Whiskey.

Ken is also the key instigator in forging Bennett & Philp's strong ties with a wide network of independent law firms in regional China.