November 17, 2018
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Leanne Warren, Leanne Warren & Associates

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Leanne Warren is the Managing Partner of Leanne Warren & Associates, leading one of the largest and most successful specialist criminal law practices since 1995. Leanne has been practising as a criminal lawyer since 1986 and became a criminal law specialist in 1995. Previously Leanne was a partner in a specialist Criminal Law firm, Grace Warren Hale. In order to continue Leanne’s strong desire to provide her clients with the best representation at all times and strengthen the growth of the firm, she has now introduced two (2) partners to the firm in July 2010.

In addition, Leanne is a member of the Criminal Law Specialisation Advisory Committee and a former member of the Executive Criminal Law Section of the Law Institute of Victoria.

Leanne has extensive experience in defending a vast number of clients confronting allegations ranging from driving offences, theft, drug offences, sexual offences and murder to commercial crime and deception offences with an excellent success rate. Leanne has experience dealing with offences heard in the Children’s courts, Magistrates Courts, County, Supreme and High Courts. She also has many matters which are appeals heard in the Court of Appeal.

Leanne has a strong and loyal client base which assists in the pursuit of positive outcomes.


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