January 17, 2019
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Marie Stokes, Marie Stokes Family Lawyers

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Marie Stokes is an experienced Adelaide family lawyer who specialises in the resolution of family disputes that arise from separation and divorce. Marie understands that separating from a partner is one of the most stressful life events families can experience and that the way disputes are resolved affect both parties and any children.

Marie has experience in all aspects of family law which includes property settlements, (de-facto relationships and marriage), spousal maintenance, Intervention Orders, issues that affect children including care arrangements, relocation matters, the issuing of urgent applications for the recovery of a child/ren, and, child support (including binding and limited Agreements).

Marie’s approach is constructive and conciliatory with a focus on the early identification of issues and their timely resolution with a view to minimising the destructive consequences of family breakdown.

Marie works with her clients to explore non litigious ways of resolving disputes but understands that there will be times when the most suitable option is to seek the assistance of the Family Law Court. If proceedings are commenced Marie will continue to focus on a resolution of the issues in dispute while guiding her client through the court process all the while ensuring that they understand their obligations, rights, responsibilities and options in the family law system using best practice guidelines.