January 17, 2019
Doyle's Guide

Mark Howden, Howden Saggers

Doyles Guide

Mark first appeared in Court in 1988, nearly 28 years ago! He still maintains a passion for Court work, always seeking to persuade Magistrates and Judges to see things from his client’s point of view. Because there is always another side of the story, right? There is always more to the situation than a bunch of facts read out by a prosecutor.

Mark trained as a barrister in Melbourne, is an accredited criminal law specialist and appears in court everyday, so we are confident he can help you – whether it is a jury trial or keeping your licence. Mark is supported by a great team here at Howden Saggers Lawyers, so if you call and he’s in court (often), or coping with small children (more often), or doing something he likes (rowing), they’ll make sure he get’s back to you