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Mark, together with Craig Henderson, is co-head of Lander & Rogers' Family & Relationship Law group and is a member of Lander & Rogers' board.  He practices exclusively in family and domestic relationship law and has extensive experience in complicated litigation involving children's cases, spousal maintenance, child support.

Mark's practice focuses exclusively on property disputes (from a family and relationship law perspective), both domestic and internationally.  He has specific expertise in disputes involving farming cases, professional practices and third party involvement, where complicated commercial issues, valuations and restructuring are involved.

Increasingly, Mark deals with disputes in overseas jurisdictions involving Australian family law issues.  The overseas jurisdictions include Singapore, Hong Kong and European countries. He also has extensive experience in cases involving applications under the Child Support Assessment Act and domestic relationship property law claims under the Property Law Amendment Act.

Mark regularly provides seminars and prepares papers for professional and other counselling organisations and receives regular and significant referral work from accountants, solicitors, barristers, psychologists and welfare organisations.