February 20, 2019
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Matthew Garling, Garling & Co

Doyles Guide

Matthew is a former partner of Beilby Poulden and Costello Lawyers who recently started his own firm specialising in compensation, insurance and employment law.

Matthew holds a Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology Sydney as well is a Diploma in Law obtained through the Legal Practitioners Admission Board run in association with Sydney University.

Matthew is a New South Wales Law Society Accredited Specialist in personal injury law.

Matthew was admitted to practice law in the Supreme and High Courts of Australia in 1998 and is a member of the Law Society of New South Wales and a former member of a committe of the Law Society of NSW which deals with compensation law. Matthew is also a member of Australian Lawyers Alliance which is an association of lawyers and other professionals dedicated to the promotion of justice, freedom and the rights of individuals.

Matthew is a lawyer who acts for real people and understands the challenges when dealing with large corporations and insurers who have ample resources.

Matthew is committed to providing straight forward legal advice with personalised legal service. That means that you deal directly with Matthew not some junior lawyer with limited experience. Matthew will personally handle your case on a day to day basis.

When asked what he does for a living the most straightforward answer would be that Matthew is a lawyer.

But what does that mean? What does a lawyer like Matthew actually do?

Matthew acts for those people in society who need help in standing up for their rights. He provides a voice so that these people can be heard. These are people who didn't necessarily go to university, who may not have English as their first choice of language and who need the help of a lawyer who has been dealing with large corporations and insurers now for almost 20 years.

Matthew is a direct relative of the very first lawyer in Australia, Frederick Garling, who arrived in Sydney in 1815 to help establish the legal system in this country. The Garling family has been a prominent force in the law to this day and Matthew continues to uphold that tradition assisting his clients to obtain access to justice and enforce the right of the individual.