August 21, 2018
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Keep Your Record Clean - Avoid Jail - Avoid License Loss MK LAW is recognized as one of the leading Criminal law firms in Victoria.  Michael Kuzilny has been working in the criminal justice system since 1986, that's more than 30 years of expertise and contacts in Victoria's Criminal Justice system.   Michael Kuzilny doesn’t just know the law; he knows the system.

Getting Michael Kuzilny to help you or a loved one with your court case can make a massive difference!  With more than 300 five star client reviews Michael Kuzilny is dedicated to providing each client with the highest caliber of legal representation and service available.

MK LAW is proud to be a market leader and will give you excellent and 1st class representation in any Victorian Court. Our representation could make a difference between critical factors such as getting a NO CONVICTION outcome, avoiding prison or keeping your driver's license!

Our winning legal team has achieved negotiated solutions involving dismissal of charges, reduced charges, significantly mitigated penalties, and alternatives to conviction or incarceration.  However, we are always prepared to vigorously defend your case; if we feel this is the right option.

When you discuss your legal challenge with Michael and his team, they will explain your legal options, and how our firm can help.

Michael Kuzilny has a proven track record of outstanding results. He is a trusted legal expert on national television and print media, and is a former legal editor for Channel 7 Sunrise.  Michael Kuzilny is the foremost legal expert in Australia and has been featured on most news and current affairs channels in Australia.

Michael Kuzilny and MK LAW’s mission statement is to help people through the tough times and help them live a happier and more successful life.  Michael is also a published author and an accredited success coach.  And if you are feeling down, or simply need some inspiration, you can watch Michael’s award winning TV show "Tough Times Never Last". The show can be seen on C 31 Sunday nights at 8.30pm in Melbourne or on Foxtel Aurora (National) Fridays at 6.00pm.

MK LAW provides powerful court representation at a very reasonable cost.


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