January 21, 2019
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Neville Barber, NR Barber Legal

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Neville Barber is an experienced advocate and Perth Criminal lawyer. Neville was admitted in 1984 and has practised in a variety of legal areas since then.

Neville has two law degrees, an MBA, and a Ph D in mental health law. For seven years, he was President of the Mental Health Review Board of Western Australia. More recently, Neville has worked as a State Prosecutor, where he conducted a significant number of jury trials. Neville has had his own legal practice now for a number of years.

Neville accepts work in criminal law, and criminal injuries compensation matters, bail applications, traffic offences, Council law and Council legal matters, restraining orders, taking matters to trial, guardianship & administration as well as appeals.

Neville is a family-oriented man with a strong interest in social justice. He provides empathetic legal representation with a view to assisting clients progress through the legal system in an efficient, reasonable way.