January 21, 2019
Doyle's Guide

Rita Ku, Withers

Doyles Guide

Rita has experience in a wide spectrum of areas of family law, and represents husbands and wives in disputes concerning divorce, children and ancillary relief.

Rita has particular expertise in wealth preservation for ultra high net worth individuals – experienced in preparing pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements and advising on trusts set up in the context of matrimonial perspectives for assets planning and to minimize the risk to family wealth posed by divorce proceedings. She has extensive expertise in assisting individuals and their families as a whole to make plans before they or their children are to marry or when they are considering succession issues and plan to pass their wealth to the next generation.

Rita is a qualified collaborative practitioner and regularly attends mediations to accompany her clients to assist in finding a settlement. She has dealt with a number of high profile cases involving children, in particular dealing with a controversial removal case before the Court of Appeal between Hong Kong and Singapore LN v SCCM [2013] HKFLR 358 and custody battle in ML v YJ [2010] HKEC 1924.

As a result of the mega cases in which she is involved, Rita is used to working in a team, in an efficient manner, to collaborate the efforts with accountants, counsel both in Hong Kong and overseas, and lawyers who have different expertise to make the best case for her clients. She is known to be responsive, reasonable and to give pragmatic and candid advice to clients.