January 21, 2019
Doyle's Guide

Sharon Ser, Withers

Doyles Guide

Sharon is a partner in the divorce and family team.

She has been in Hong Kong for some 30 years and remains as excited by its opportunities and possibilities as she was when first coming here. The legal issues in Hong Kong are almost always complex and international in flavour reflecting the sort of people who live here whether born here or have made Hong Kong their home.

Sharon focuses on family matters and international divorce cases involving jurisdiction arguments and financial issues including, these days more than ever, the impact of trusts both those already created or to be created. This area of law also inevitably includes advising on cases involving children and the international relocation of them.

She also increasingly advises on the drafting and enforceability of pre and postnuptial agreements. Her cases often involve advising high net worth individuals where complex financial structures are involved and assets are located globally.

Sharon has also assisted in the criminal and civil law fields but her specialty is very much family law based. She has been involved in a number of the key reported cases in the family field, many of which have fundamentally impacted on this area of the law.

She is a Civil Celebrant of Marriages, and although she has conducted more divorces than marriages, she greatly enjoy the latter. She is ever the optimist.

Sharon has been the delighted winner of the best family law practice in Hong Kong for the last 10 years.