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Siobhan is a highly regarded and experienced family lawyer. Next year she will celebrate 20 years in practice. She practises in all areas of Family Law with extensive experience in property settlement cases that involve complex financial issues and/or significant assets, as well as spousal maintenance and child support matters.

Siobhan completed her law degree at Adelaide University. In her law studies she achieved a high distinction in Family Law and was amongst a small number of graduate students invited to interview for a position as a research associate to an Appeal Court Judge of the Family Court of Australia.

Having grown up in Adelaide, Siobhan decided to remain in Adelaide and pursue a career as a family lawyer. In her first two years of practice she worked in a suburban legal practice. It was here that she was rapidly indoctrinated into legal practice and court work appearing almost daily at court to represent clients in many areas including Family Law. Siobhan then joined the Family Law section of a prominent Adelaide commercial law firm where she quickly found her niche practising in marital and de facto property settlement matters. During her six years there she acted for clients in complex cases against some of Adelaide’s most senior Family Lawyers as well as interstate lawyers. She gained valuable experience instructing senior counsel and engaging experts in various fields. During this time she also tutored graduate law students in Family Law. Siobhan then joined a highly regarded boutique Family Law practice in Adelaide continuing her practice in complex property settlement matters and expanding her practice and experience in complex children’s matters, including interstate and overseas relocation matters. During this time she was Deputy Chair of the Family Law Committee of the Law Society of South Australia and she continued tutoring in family law.

In more recent years, she has continued to practise Family Law in the Family Law section of another large Adelaide commercial law firm.

Siobhan brings to our practice significant experience acting for private clients in all types of family law matters. She revels in assisting clients with complex property settlement cases involving family companies, trusts, partnerships, self-managed superannuation funds, estate issues and farming matters.

Advocating a commercial approach to Family Law property settlement matters, Siobhan is quick thinking, thorough, and has the ability to hone in on important facts and issues in order to tactically progress a case to the best advantage of her clients.

She will tenaciously litigate matters in Court where required to maximise her client’s position. She provides her clients with sensible and realistic advice and is an excellent negotiator. She keeps her clients well informed about their case each step of the way and will work tirelessly and relentlessly to reach an agreement if it is to her client’s advantage to do so.

Siobhan also has a lot of experience representing clients in children's cases. She has assisted many clients over the years to reach amicable agreements and avoid litigation. Her expertise in representing clients in urgent and difficult children’s cases in court has been favourably commented upon by senior barristers in Adelaide due to the high quality of court documents prepared by her, the nature of the applications brought on behalf of clients and her behind the scenes research of pertinent case law.

Siobhan is a contributor of articles and case summaries to the Newsletter published by the Family Law Committee of the Law Society of South Australia.  Siobhan is a current member and a former Deputy Chair of the Family Law Committee of the Law Society of South Australia.

With maturity, understanding and a dry sense of humour she has a way of putting her clients at ease in what is undoubtedly one of the most difficult and stressful times of their lives.