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Stuart Cameron, DDCS Lawyers

Stuart Cameron is an impressive all-rounder. He has a reputation for getting strong results for his clients. Stuart’s high-quality and versatile professional legal skills in negotiation, advocacy and advice has enabled him to achieve the best outcome for his clients over his 15 years of family law practice in Canberra.

Charismatic, passionate and affable, Stuart is a favourite amongst clients and other practitioners and professionals. His approach is simple – it centres on giving sound legal advice and providing options for his clients, right from the initial consultation. You will receive practical advice and a clear plan of action. So highly regarded is Stuart’s talent and approach, he habitually receives referrals from past and present clients, other lawyers and professional advisors.

Stuart’s experience and knowledge covers the field in all areas of family law including parenting, property (including de facto cases), child support, family violence and adoption cases. His particular interest area is in complex matters involving children, property and child support issues.

You will be guided by Stuart through various options to resolve your matter outside the Court and will benefit from Stuart’s level-headed approach and primary focus on settlement. Stuart understands that no two matters are alike and while some resolve quickly through negotiation, occasionally a matter requires Court intervention. If you do need a strong advocate to argue your position in a litigation context, you will be assured by Stuart’s persuasive advocacy skills and ability to handle your case with diligence and care.