January 21, 2019
Doyle's Guide

Wendy Mulcahy, Mulcahy Ryan

Doyles Guide

Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers evolved due to the committed, non-judgmental and compassionate approach shared by Wendy Mulcahy and Brendan Ryan.

Wendy is an experienced criminal law advocate and draws from a wealth of experience to represent her clients and achieve results. Wendy is a mother and accordingly, has an empathetic approach, particularly to youth justice issues and has a tremendous insight into the parental perspective and challenges facing a family that has been thrust into the criminal justice system.

Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers core values of “Preparation, Performance and Success” are lived through Wendy’s tireless dedication to her clients. “Preparation, Performance and Success” is the essence and heart and soul of the Firm.

Wendy entered the legal profession as a mature student with years of banking experience behind her. Her life experiences and working background ensure she has a mature and balanced approach to the law and importantly, representation of her clients.

Wendy has worked extensively in criminal law. She started as a Law Clerk and then solicitor at Ryan & Bosscher Lawyers. Wendy worked with the then Senior Partner of Ryan & Bosscher, Brendan Ryan. At Ryan & Bosscher, like many other recognised criminal lawyers, who now have their own law firms in Brisbane and elsewhere in Queensland, Wendy enjoyed the patronage of Brendan Ryan as a mentor.

Since these early days, Brendan Ryan and Wendy Mulcahy have been working together as an effective team providing excellent legal representation.