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Leading Parenting & Children’s Matters Barristers – Victoria, 2018

The 2018 listing of leading Victorian Parenting & Children's Matters barristers details counsel practising within the areas of parenting, custody and matters relating to the children of a relationship in the Victorian legal market who have been identified by the state's family law solicitors for their expertise and abilities in these areas.


Mary Agresta, Holmes List
Alison Burt, Foley's List
Alice Carter, Holmes List
Helen Delledis, Holmes List
Noah Eidelson, Holmes List
Chris Nehmy, Holmes List
Tim North SC, Holmes List
Anna Parker, Patterson's List
Tim Puckey, Dever's List
Minal Vohra SC, Holmes List


Andrew Barbayannis, Holmes List
Jenny Brennan, Holmes List
Cath Devine, Foley's List
Paul Glass, Svenson Barristers
Deb Harris, Foley's List
Sarah Hession, Holmes List
Richard Ingleby, Patterson's List
Caroline Jenkins, Foley's List
Laura Johnston, Holmes List
Belle Lane, Foley's List
Rory McIvor, Holmes List
Pat O'Shannessy, Holmes List
Holly Renwick, Foley's List
Marylynn Sammwood, Holmes List

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