June 23, 2024
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Gaining Inclusion In Our Rankings

There’s no set formula for a firm not currently included in our rankings to gain inclusion in future years.

Perhaps the first step in gaining inclusion is to gain a better understanding of our research methodology.

All research performed by Doyle’s Guide contains a peer-review element and therefore we strongly recommend that those firms seeking to gain inclusion in our rankings reach out to their referral base and/or counsel they may brief to make sure that that when completing our surveys they recommend you.

Finally the overwhelming majority of individuals included in our rankings are “specialists”.  Practitioners with a broad or “general” practice may gain inclusion in our rankings but, as we seek to identify firms and individuals with expertise in a discrete area of the law, it’s typically the case that individuals included in our rankings focus predominantly in a particular practice area.

Other Profiling Options

Firms and individuals not included in our rankings but still wishing to enhance their online presence and feature on Doyle’s Guide may wish to consider setting up a listing in our Directory.

The Doyle’s Guide Directory is available to any legal professional or law firm and contains both free-to-list and a range of paid profiling options.  It is entirely separate from our rankings of Leading Lawyers, Law Firms and Barristers.

The Directory allows visitors to Doyle’s Guide to search for a lawyer by location and/or practice areas.  A range of Profile Listing options are available for individual lawyers and law firms.

Setting up your profile is a simple and easy process that typically takes less than five minutes.  First you’ll need to register with Doyle’s Guide, then Log In and simply click on “Add Listing” in the Menu at the top of the page.

You can register and set up your profile with Doyle’s Guide here.

Additional Queries

If you still have queries about Doyle’s Guide and how you can feature in our rankings then please feel free to contact us.

Please note that, like you, we’re busy and value our time so we appreciate that any such queries are made by the practitioner seeking to gain inclusion in our rankings and not members of your administrative, marketing or business development team.

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