June 20, 2024
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Enhance Your Ranking Inclusion

At the top of each rankings page on Doyle’s Guide you will see a slideshow of individuals featured in those particular rankings.  At the completion of our research process for each practice area Doyle’s Guide invites all lawyers included within our rankings to have their photo featured at the top of each rankings page and have their ranking listing highlighted linked to their firm’s website.

The photo will:

  • Include a link in the rankings listings through to the individual or firm’s website or other such web page of their choice;
  • Include a Ranking Recognition banner provided to you in electronic format that the individual and firm are able to use to further promote inclusion in each ranking; and
  • Provide ranked individuals with the ability to enhance their branding, profile and search engine ranking/visibility.

In selected practice areas those firms who are positioned in the upper tiers of our rankings will be invited to have ranked individuals at their firm exclusively featured in the slideshow at the top of the rankings pages for that area/jurisdiction.  In these instances we are not able to offer Featured Photos to other ranked individuals.

Please note that:

  • Featured photos and the charges for such apply to a particular page on Doyle’s Guide or yearly ranking i.e. Leading Construction Lawyers – Australia, 2018.  Please note that each rankings page and therefore each Featured Photo remains live, published and available to view on Doyle’s Guide permanently.  We do not take down or remove “old” rankings, instead we publish new rankings pages each year.
  • Once established the link remains on that page permanently with the ROI improving each year. Creation of the link is optional – the link is simply included with the photo and not a separate charge. Doyle’s Guide sets up and maintains the link – all you need to do is let us know where you want it to point.

If you or your firm is interested in featuring a photo on one of our rankings pages please either contact us or view pricing and purchase photos at our Featured Photos page.  If your firm has multiple individuals that you wish to purchase Featured Photos for please contact us for pricing and purchasing options.

There is no charge for featuring photos of individuals listed in our In-House or Rising Star rankings.  These photos are featured free of charge.  If you are featured in one of these listings and would like your photo added please email a copy of a high-resolution corporate profile-style picture of yourself to editorial@doylesguide.com

Should you wish you are also able to purchase a Ranking Recognition banner package for yourself/your firm separately from a Featured Photo.

We are also able to provide plaques recognising a firm or individual’s inclusion in our rankings and to find out more about these options please contact us.  We do not actively market our plaques and if you receive an email in relation to such a product it is NOT from Doyle’s Guide – various entities such as Showmark Media regularly market such products to individuals included in our rankings.

Improve Your Ranking

Ranked firms and individuals are welcome discuss their ranking position and how, in future years, they may improve their position.  To ensure accuracy and efficiency in these communications we generally request that such discussions  are held directly with either Partners or senior management at the respective firm.


Doyle’s Guide does not have a formal submission process as part of our research. It is our view that such submissions add little benefit to as assessment of best lawyers and law firms and instead place a significant burden and expense on each firm’s marketing or business development department.

Firms are welcome to provide information, capability statements or other such material to us should they wish.  This information should be provided by way of email to editorial@doylesguide.com

Firm Name Changes & Personnel Movements

Mergers, re-brands and name changes are all relatively common activities in today’s legal market as are personnel movements from one firm to another.  While we endeavour to work with firms and individuals throughout these processes our rankings are also a snapshot of the market as it stands at the time of publication and thus only rarely will we make amendments to our rankings that take such activities into account.

Typically we are best placed to make post-publication amendments to our rankings where firms or individuals notify us of the change of name, firm etc prior to our rankings being published.

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