December 11, 2023
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Anna Wynne, Anna Wynne & Associates

Anna Wynne, Anna Wynne & Associates

As a lawyer and mediator, collaborative coach and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.   I am passionate about helping families

I offer services to help people are separating to resolve their disputes calmly, and with dignity

 As a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner I can issue section 60I Certificates

I offer my services  in person and also electronically via Zoom or other virtual meeting services  

I practised as a family lawyer for 12 + years. I  have undertaken extensive trauma informed training which allows me to support parties to have difficult conversations and move forward.   

I have also had significant training in the dynamics and effects of family violence which allows me to offer family law mediation services where family violence is a factor and take steps to ensure a safe process for all parties. 

02 6190 6159
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