December 11, 2023
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Anthony Forrester, DWF

Anthony Forrester, DWF

Anthony Forrester, Special Counsel, DWF, is a highly skilled insurance lawyer with 22 years' experience acting on behalf of insurers, self-insureds, corporations, and government bodies. He advises his clients on workers compensation, indemnity and policy coverage, public liability, and product liability. Anthony has a historical portfolio encompassing labour hire, healthcare, ports, mining, freight, logistics and transportation. Anthony is well placed to manage a portfolio of complex, high quantum, catastrophic and scheme sensitive claims.

A nominated individual for WorkCover Queensland since 2011, Anthony previously held the role of Manager – Legal Services for WorkCover. In this role, he held the direct responsibility for functions including Corporate Legal, Prosecutions, Procurement and Subrogated Recovery Actions. 

Anthony's approach to matters is assertive, not aggressive, and he works from the premise that every client and case is unique, requiring a unique solution. This goes beyond being good at interpreting and applying law and extends to being good with people and establishing relationships of trust. 

+61 7 3013 2703
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