May 26, 2024
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Bernard Keating, Slink & Keating

Bernard Keating, Slink & Keating

Mr. Bernard. R. Keating has over 25 years experience as both a Barrister and a Solicitor in, Victoria and the Northern Territory.

Mr. Bernard R. Keating is able to provide you with expert advice and representation in criminal law.

Mr.Bernard R. Keating appears in a variety of jurisdictions including the Magistrate’s Court, Children’s Court and the County Court of Victoria.  He has prepared and appeared in County Court Trials and Supreme Court Appeals.

Mr. Bernard R. Keating has been an Accredited Specialist in criminal law since 1994.  He also practices regularly in the following areas of law:

  • Bail applications
  • Not guilty applications
  • Pleas of guilty
  • Sexual offences (including child pornography)
  • Driving offences( including culpable driving)
  • Commonwealth offences (including Centrelink Fraud)
  • Regulatory offences (Health Act, Fisheries Act, Building Offences)
  • Intervention Orders (Stalking and Family Violence)
  • Children’s Court (Department of Human Services)

Mr. Bernard R.Keating is the Chair of the Criminal Specialist Accreditation Committee established by the Law Institute of Victoria.  Mr. Keating is also a member of the Criminal General Committee and the Family Mediation Centre.

(03) 9791 7699
147-151 Foster St
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Regional Victoria

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