April 23, 2024
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Brendan Ryan, Mulcahy Ryan

Brendan Ryan, Mulcahy Ryan

Brendan is Brisbane born, raised in a family environment where he experienced the best of the best in support, love and generosity. It was because of this upbringing that he came to appreciate, with a sense of grievance, the divide between his life and those less fortunate. A criminal lawyer was born. Whilst working for Chief Judge Pat Shanahan (now deceased) in 1983, Brendan learnt the true meaning of the maxim, “Many are called but few are chosen”. There are many who call themselves “criminal lawyers” but the service provided is significantly less than that which should be provided.

Criminal Law - a Way of Thinking

Criminal law is not a job; it is a way of thinking that frames your view and attitude about all things labelled under the banner of rights and Australian justice. The rights of one’s clients should keep a criminal lawyer up at night. The rights of others, whoever and wherever they might be, should keep a criminal lawyer up at night.

Web pages are designed to attract business. Brendan’s view is that the page should give a reader a true picture of the people behind the service they claim to give. If a profile does not reflect the character of the defence lawyer you meet, then find another lawyer because that person although called, probably will not be chosen.


In 1992, after working in Brisbane and also in the Northern Territory as a criminal lawyer, Brendan commenced his own criminal law firm Brendan P Ryan and Associates which later became Ryan & Bosscher Lawyers. Michael Bosscher was initially employed by Brendan but with the formation of Ryan & Bosscher Lawyers, became his Partner.

A long Partnership was established with Brendan being the recognised face of the firm, throughout Queensland.

Such was the success of Ryan & Bosscher that although Brendan resigned from the Partnership in December 2010, Michael Bosscher's wife Allison retained and copywrote the recognised logo which Brendan himself drew. Brendan commenced practice in 2010 again under his own name together with fellow lawyer Wendy Mulcahy. The purpose behind Brendan’s and Wendy’s initial communion in the present firm Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers Pty Ltd, was that both sought the essence of criminal law and to practise that essence. The essence is the protection of clients’ rights, without fear or favour. This also is the soul of the Firm, without which neither would desire to practise criminal law. Fortunately for their clients, Brendan and Wendy have worked for seven years in a legal relationship that mirrors their friendship. They are the best of work colleagues. Whilst Brendan continues to be one of the most recognised criminal lawyers in Queensland today after having initially been admitted to the profession as a barrister in 1985 and in 1987, became a solicitor, he continues to evolve with changes in the criminal law. This evolution is co-directed by Wendy Mulcahy who maintains an up to date analysis of relevant case law and criminal law legislation and adds value to all conferences with clients through the voice of reason from a female perspective.

Because of the way they work, Brendan and Wendy see all clients on initial presentation, together. There is generally no cost to a potential client at this initial interview and clients have the opportunity to make a decision as to whether they truly want the services of Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers. They can come to this judgment because they are afforded this contact with both Wendy and Brendan and to see the interaction between this “team” – a term often used to describe lawyers in practice together but of no true substance. Wendy and Brendan see the future for Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers as not only positive for their clients but also, without the restrictions of time constraints which are obligatory in a larger firm, they can also pursue their community service works.

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