January 28, 2023
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Dundas Lawyers

Dundas Lawyers

Corporate, Technology, Intellectual Property and Litigation Lawyers - Malcolm Burrows Principal.

Malcolm Burrows, Principal of Dundas Lawyers acts for a diverse range of businesses undertaking high value, bespoke commercial transactions or involved in complex disputes.

Malcolm advises organisations on issues of corporations law, intellectual property and technology law.  Prior to being called to the law, Malcolm spent over a decade starting and managing software and internet businesses, from start-ups where he had equity positions, to multinationals where he held “C” level roles.   His key non-legal achievements have included:

  • Commercial Director of APN News and Media-Online;
  • Founding CEO of www.quickbeds.com which was sold to Flight Centre Limited;
  • Negotiating a joint venture with Australia’s then largest software developer – Mincom Limited;
  • Director of eCommerce for Tourism Queensland/Sunlover Holidays;
  • Part-time lecturer in eCommerce Strategy at QUT’s Graduate School of Business (Lectured to MBA Students).

Prior to establishing Dundas Lawyers he worked at boutique, top and mid tier firms practising corporate, technology and intellectual property law.

Dundas Lawyers Brisbane is in its 10th year of practice and specialises in corporate, technology and intellectual property Law for businesses rich in intellectual property. Dundas Lawyers Gold Coast specialises in construction, body corporate and civil litigation.  

Our real world experience running businesses sets us apart from other law firms. We understand the commercial environment from raising capital to commercialising intellectual property. Practice Principal Malcolm Burrows is one of a handful of Australian lawyers that has masters level double business and legal formal qualifications. He is also a former technology entrepreneur and has held executive level positions in multinational organisations.

We are also passionate litigators in our specialist areas of practice. Whether you are wanting to commence legal proceedings or fight for your rights, we have the expertise and tenacity to right corporate wrongs.

Contact us today, you will find us to be very approachable.

Why is Dundas Lawyers different?

Dundas Lawyers was established by business people just like you.  We are commercially focused and pride ourselves on being technically astute in solving clients’ legal problems.  Whether it’s something simple like our Client Guide to Reducing Legal Costs, our Time Billing Policy or our commitment to our Quality Management System (QMS)  for client satisfaction, you can be sure that your experience with Dundas Lawyers will be different.

Why call the Firm Dundas Lawyers?

The Dundas’ are one of the oldest and most significant clans of Scotland, usually thought of for their contribution to the legal profession.  It has been said that “any Prime Minister can raise a man to the House of Lords, but it takes seven centuries of Scottish history to make a Dundas of Dundas” – source unknown.

Malcolm Burrows, Legal Practice Director and Founder of Dundas Lawyers is a direct descendant of several “Dundas of Dundas“.  His ancestry can be traced to Sir George Dundas, 19th of Dundas and Sir James Dundas, of Dundas.  His other notable legal forefathers being John Dundas born 1711 (Procurator to the Church of Scotland – meaning principal legal advisor), John Dundas born 1769, Writer to the Signet (what they called Solicitors at that time) and James Dundas an Advocate at the Scottish Bar.  With this distinguished heraldry as a foundation, Dundas Lawyers aims to combine the values espoused by the Dundas legal dynasty with commercial approach to the practice of the law in the new millennium.

The need for yet another law firm

Having spent the majority of his working life starting and managing technology businesses before being called to the law, our Practice Principal has since worked in law firms ranging from top and mid-tier, to boutique and large suburban.  To say that he was disappointed with the customer service is an understatement.  There was either a disregard for excellence or an over engineering and unrealistic non-commercial approach.  Dundas Lawyers was formed to address these issues by providing the level of service that the situation requires.   Each client and each matter is different, therefore so is each solution.

What’s the relationship between Dundas Lawyers Pty Ltd and Dundas Lawyers Gold Coast Pty Ltd?

Dundas Lawyers Gold Coast Pty Ltd is an associated but separate legal practice based on the Gold Coast that uses the Dundas Lawyers brand under licence.  Sharing the same values and ethics the two firms collaborate where possible so as to provide clients with a more diverse offering and geographic footprint.

Commitment to excellence and innovation

Whether it’s looking at a client’s legal problem from a different perspective, or using skills from other industries in the practice of law, you can guarantee that your experience with Dundas Lawyers will be different.

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Level 13, 270 Adelaide Street, Brisbane.
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