May 25, 2024
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Gemma Calgaro, Paul Vale Criminal Law

Gemma Calgaro, Paul Vale Criminal Law

Gemma is a qualified, experienced and dedicated solicitor advocate, having gained progressively responsible legal experience over a number of years. She completed a Bachelor of Law/Arts at The University of Melbourne followed by a graduate diploma of Legal Practice at Leo Cussen Centre for Law.

After a brief period volunteering at the North Australian Aboriginal Family Violence Legal Service, Gemma joined the team at Paul Vale. She now practices almost exclusively in the area of criminal defence law. She appears regularly as an advocate in a variety of matters in both Magistrates’ and County Court jurisdictions and as an instructing solicitor in the County and Supreme Courts.

Gemma is confident and committed to providing a voice for all who cross paths with our justice system. She offers her skills and experience in legal advice and representation and applies them in the pursuit of defending and protecting the rights of an accused. Gemma is considerate and sensitive to her client’s wishes, addressing their particular needs on a case by case basis and striving for the best possible outcome.

(03) 9870 1959
572 Lonsdale St,
Melbourne Victoria
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