December 11, 2023
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Jana Homatopoulos, Carew Counsel Solicitors

Jana Homatopoulos, Carew Counsel Solicitors

Jana is a Senior Associate at Carew Counsel Solicitors and is experienced in all areas of family law, particularly complex financial matters.

Jana is focused on achieving the best results for clients in a practical and thoughtful manner.

She was admitted to practice in 2006 after completing a Bachelor of Law (with Honours) from Victoria University in 2005. Since her admission into the legal profession, she has practised exclusively in family law. Jana was an Associate at Hogg and Reid prior to joining Carew Counsel Solicitors.

Jana has substantial experience representing clients in the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court of Australia, as well as representing clients in relation to their family violence and intervention order matters. She is also a member of the Law Institute of Victoria.

(03) 9670 5711
Level 10, 313 La Trobe Street
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000
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