December 2, 2023
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Jessica Caldwell, JH Legal

Jessica Caldwell, JH Legal

Accredited Family Law Specialist

Jessica believes her clients should understand their entitlements and obligations in order to reach a result they believe in. She likes to arm her clients with the information they need, provide her expert recommendations and canvass options together so that her clients can make informed decisions. Jessica's preference is for clients to reach a settlement they are emotionally and financially comfortable with.

Jessica regularly assists her clients in navigating a wide variety of family law issues, including the resolution of property settlements, parenting matters and divorce. She is interested in helping those clients whose partner may have historically been in control of their family's finances. She is creative in her approach and works with her clients towards solutions they may not have considered.

Since commencing her legal career in 2007, Jessica has practised exclusively in family law. In 2015, Jessica attained Accreditation from the Law Institute of Victoria as a Family Law Specialist. Jessica takes pride in providing clients with clear and practical advice with a focus on reaching a resolution in a cost-effective way.

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