December 10, 2023
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Jimmy Singh, Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia

Mr. Jimmy Singh is the principal lawyer at Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia. He is highly respected amongst the profession and well recognised for his experience and proven success record on winning the seemingly un-winnable cases. He has consistently achieved outstanding results in avoiding criminal convictions whilst proving his client’s innocence in and out of court.

Having successfully represented some of the most high profile and complex cases in Australian history, his distinguished career as one of the top criminal and traffic defence lawyers in Sydney has led him to appear in interviews for expert advice and views on important and current issues on the law with channel 7, 9 and talk back radios. This has also led to his repeated published interviews with the Sydney Morning Herald and Lawyers Weekly newspapers.

While performing exceptionally well in some of Sydney’s most high profile cases in court, Mr. Singh also has significant experience in managing the media for his clients.

Getting charges dropped early through extensive analysis of the evidence, through preparation, combined with his fierce representation in court, Mr. J Singh’s clients are always one step ahead of the prosecution.

He started his career regularly working in complex defended hearings, appeals and sentence cases in country courts all around NSW including Inverell, Armidale, Young, Gosford, Dubbo, Lismore, working only in criminal and traffic defence. He perfected his talent in criminal and traffic law over the years, recognising that justice can be far better achieved and affordable for people charged with serious allegations if charges are dropped at an early stage of the case. He focuses to achieve this outcome on all cases, perfecting this skill over the years. He now holds an exceptional reputation and proven record of success in getting charges dropped early for countless of his clients in serious cases.

Mr. J Singh’s distinguished career includes appearing in thousands of cases in all areas of criminal and traffic charges, including:

  • Single handedly securing a not guilty verdict for his client in a 2015 murder trial. A situation other lawyers would normally instruct counsel, he achieved this without the need for a one, saving his client from paying significant further legal fees. His strong determination, experience and talent for criminal law safely secured an outstanding result after months of thorough preparation, which involved issuing necessary subpoena’s to third parties. He managed to reveal critically innocent proving evidence which was then powerfully presented to the Judge.
  • Mr. Singh’s in depth specialised knowledge and practical understanding of the criminal justice system in Australia has seen him convince the Prosecution to drop charges many times over the years. In recent times, his client’s sexual assault charges were immediately dropped following the first day of trial in the District Court. This came about after Mr. Singh quickly discovered that the DNA test results revealed that his client’s DNA did not match the DNA of someone else’s found on the alleged victim.
  • Achieving outstanding outcomes of not guilty verdicts in large commercial quantity of drug importation and supply charges with quantities of drugs worth millions of dollars, making news headlines across other countries.

His proven court room skills and specialisation ranges in all serious criminal law charges and traffic law charges. He has a wealth of experience in regularly appearing in Local, District and Supreme Courts for serious criminal and traffic cases, especially Murder, drink driving, dangerous driving, drug importation and supply, armed robbery, fraud involving millions of dollars, all sex offences, firearms and weapons, and Difficult and complex bail applications.

With Mr. J Singh on your defence, you can be assured that your case will be handled by one of the very best criminal defence lawyers in Australia.

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