March 4, 2024
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Ken Chow, Times Lawyers

Ken Chow, Times Lawyers

Ken is a Chinese lawyer who is fluent in speaking English and Chinese. He is experienced in divorce and family laws. He is also admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland and High Court of Australia. He’s also the Director and Founder of Times Lawyers.

Having migrated in Australia at the age of 7, he honed his skills in English and Chinese at a very early age. This forms an important bridge for working as a Brisbane Chinese Lawyer in Australian Courts.

He’s not just focused on Divorce laws; he also handles migration-related cases, mostly business migration cases.

Before he practiced law, he is a Biomedical Engineer in Sydney and even established his own commercial investment business in Brisbane and in Gold Coast. Ken then became a business lawyer and worked as a Chinese solicitor in a high-end Brisbane CBD law firm.

Through his experience, he was able to establish his own law firm, Times Lawyers, in Sunnybank. In his firm, he doesn’t just establish the firm but also builds a very passionate relationship with all the clients, assuring his clients very reputable and professional legal advice and assistance.

07 3344 2888
Suite 110, Level 1 Times Square,
250 McCullough Street, Sunnybank
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