April 13, 2024
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Kieran Hoare, Merthyr Law

Kieran,  an SMSF Specialist Advisor™,  thrives on finding fresh solutions and giving clients  and their advisors clarity, including

  • • Giving clients who have implemented their Family SafeTM  peace of mind knowing that their estate plan protects their inheritance for their family and deals with their superannuation clearly and tax effectively;
  • • Dealing with complicated family dynamics  and the sense of relief people feel when a solution is found to a problem that has been vexing them for years;
  • • giving cutting edge strategies of transferring commercial property into super, saving thousands in interest and bank fees;
  • • helping clients navigate the complicated superannuation compliance for their maximum advantage;
  • • dealing with death benefit disputes, member disputes and disputes with the ATO;
  • • superannuation splitting strategies;
  • • protecting inheritances from family provision claims;
  • • protecting against elder abuse;
  • • saving on death benefits tax; and
  • • asset protection .

Kieran prides himself in making these complicated concepts easy to understand his style and energy can be seen in a wide array of youtube videos and animations and public speaking engagements to get the word out on the opportunities and tools that are available.

Kieran’s background as a commercial lawyer, with experience ranging from litigation, dispute resolution, mergers and acquisitions, corporate and commercial dealings, taxation law and property means Kieran brings  a wealth of commercial experience to the table and is a good mentor for the junior lawyers.

Kieran loves to have a laugh, tell stories and entertain, whether over a drink, during work or meeting clients.

Ask Kieran for his pen licence.

(07) 3029 1600
Level 8, 324 Queen Street,
Brisbane QLD 4000
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