May 26, 2024
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LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane

LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane

Need Conveyancing in Brisbane?

And need a property conveyancing service done right the first time in Brisbane? Get a no hassle, on time settlement with your emails & calls promptly returned. LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane is the only property law firm with a guaranteed fast response time.

You'll get communication & responses within 48 business hours, guaranteed*. And if we don't response to your voice mails within that time,  we’ll deduct $100 from your professional fee (no questions asked).

You'll also enjoy professional care from a Queensland Law Society registered law practice at an affordable cost. That means you'll get a Brisbane Conveyancing Solicitor from A to Z (not just a legal clerk).

And you'll be taken care of with extra care & hand-holding for First Time Brisbane Buyers and Sellers. That means legal advice and support throughout the process. Not just paper pushing.

So give us a call on 07 3088 8018.  We'll be happy to assist.

We offer:

  • Buyers Conveyancing
  • Sellers Conveyancing
  • Transfer Conveyancing
  • Contract Drafting
  • Contract Reviews

Find us at:

LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane
Suite 5, Level 18, 324 Queen Street
Brisbane City QLD 4000
07 3088 8018
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Servicing Queensland, our mission is to establish a values-driven company that prioritises people and remains committed to doing what is right, even in the face of challenges.

Our vision is to contribute to a world where every individual is respected as a unique and special being, with their own skills, aspirations, and motivations.

Our dream is to create a company where employees come to work with enthusiasm, a spring in their step, a sense of fulfillment in their hearts, and a mindset that inspires and guides others towards their best selves every day of the week. If you join us, we promise to make you feel valued and provide a safe space for you to unleash your creativity, pursue your dreams, and experience such fulfillment that you naturally inspire others to do the same.

Our values revolve around Leadership, Growth, Authenticity, and Resolve.

Conveyancing Leadership:
At LEAD Conveyancing, we believe in the power of self-belief. As a first-time homebuyer, the process can seem daunting. Rest assured, we are here to support, guide, and work alongside you. Let us help you navigate this journey.

Conveyancing Growth:
Life is a journey of constant change, which can be both exciting and challenging. Buying or selling a home is a pivotal moment, an opportunity for personal growth. If you're genuinely excited about your upcoming transaction, congratulations! You're almost there. Even if you're not particularly thrilled, it's okay. Embrace the moment, be present, and learn from it. We'll be by your side, facilitating your growth through this experience.

Conveyancing Authenticity:
At LEAD Conveyancing, we believe in being genuine, true, and authentic in our interactions with you. When making significant life decisions, you deserve someone who genuinely has your best interests at heart. We can't promise perfection, but we can assure you that we'll always do our best for you, just as we ask you to do your best by us.

Conveyancing Resolve:
If you're reading this, it means you're embarking on the journey of buying or selling a home—a testament to your determination. How else could you have reached this point? We want to work with individuals who possess unwavering resolve, who know their purpose in life. Whether or not you fully understand the process of property transactions yet, we're here to guide you. What matters is that you're committed to what's best for yourself, your family, and your friends. Keep pushing forward; you've got this!

A message to our clients and professional contacts:

Come to us with your true and authentic selves. Share your needs and concerns, and we'll do everything possible to assist you throughout your property transactions. We are here to help, collaborate, and serve. Place your trust in us, work alongside us, and lead with us.

07 3088 8018
Suite 5, Level 18, 324 Queen Street
Brisbane City QLD 4000
07 3088 8018
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