June 17, 2024
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Liam McKibbin, Armstrong Legal

Liam McKibbin, Armstrong Legal

Liam McKibbin is a Senior Associate in the Criminal Law team at Armstrong Legal. Liam draws on over a decade of experience in criminal law as an investigator, prosecutor and solicitor. He is a highly experienced advocate and has run hundreds of defended hearings and Local Court sentences. Liam appears on behalf of his clients regularly in the Local and District Courts of New South Wales. He represents client’s in relation to all kinds of criminal matters, whether they relate to allegations of serious sexual offending, drug offences, violent offences or white collar crime.

Liam works closely with his clients in order to understand their individual needs and to identify the potential ramifications that may flow from a criminal matter. Armed with this information, he will work together with his client and their family to prepare a strategy which will give them the greatest chances of successfully navigating the matter. Because of his past experience as a police officer and prosecutor, Liam is able to utilise his knowledge of investigative strategies, procedure and policies to ensure his clients receive the best possible outcome.

Liam finished his prosecuting career as part of the Senior Advocates Group, a select team of prosecutors tasked with overseeing the prosecution of the most serious and high-profile of offending. During his time as a prosecutor, Liam was also responsible for the training and education of dozens of police prosecutors. Because of this experience, Liam has positive relationships, formed over the course of almost a decade, on both sides of the bar table.

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