February 24, 2024
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Marin Karlos, Karlos Lawyers

Marin Karlos, Karlos Lawyers

Marin Karlos, founding and Principal lawyer of Karlos Lawyers is an experienced and highly regarded litigator with a special interest in workplace disputes, including injury and industrial relations.

Marin is highly regarded for his straightforward and diligent, no-nonsense approach to litigation and advocacy; a firm believer that no two cases are the same, Marin takes the time to not only get to know his clients and the basis for their claims but also his opponents and their respective claims/defences. With that Marin works with his clients to formulate catered legal strategies to best serve his clients’ interests.

Marin’s focus is his client’s well-being and ensuring that their voices are heard,  holding those accountable for their actions. Marin prides himself on his ability to connect with his clients as well as his ability to simplify the complexities of the legal system by providing realistic and actionable legal advice, empowering his clients to maximise their entitlements all whilst reducing their legal costs as well as limiting the risks and uncertainty of litigation.

Although a skilled and persistent negotiator, Marin is not afraid to ‘fight the good fight’ and is highly regarded for his organised and tenacious trial preparation. Throughout his career, Marin has successfully negotiated and litigated numerous complex matters in all Courts and Tribunals within Victoria.

Amongst the profession Marin has developed a reputation of being firm but fair with many regarding him as approachable, reasonable and sensible in their dealings with him. 

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