December 7, 2023
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Mark Byrnes, Byrnes Family Law

I practice in and enjoy all areas of family law, including children's arrangements and parenting orders, spousal maintenance, divorce, separation, property settlements, consent orders, child recovery orders. My clients trust me to conduct their family law matter's including dispute resolution, mediation, conferences and appearing for them at all court dates.  I enjoy the challenge but understand the process is not about me, but that of the best interest of my client's.

I am committed to ensuring that my clients properly understand their matter and all options available to them, so that they can ultimately make an informed decision.

Often, the client's needs are better served outside of litigation by obtaining a more cost-effective and flexible resolution.

I believe two of the most important elements to achieving a successful outcome for my clients are communication and trust.  Not only is it important for me to be able to effectively inform my clients of their legal rights, it is perhaps equally important for me to fully understand what is important to my clients and what they seek to achieve by retaining my services.

Albany Western Australia
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Western Australia

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