April 13, 2024
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Meghann Papa, Anderson Gray Lawyers

Meghann Papa, Anderson Gray Lawyers

Meghann is a Senior Lawyer at Anderson Gray Lawyers with a reputation for successfully defending her client’s rights.

Meghann grew up in an environment of strong social justice values, and was instilled with a belief in fighting for your rights when faced with injustices.

Meghann previously worked for many years in the trade union movement, representing employees and stood up for the rights of employees in achieving fair and equitable outcomes in a broad range of areas, including wage recovery, workplace and industry disputes, unfair dismissals, general protections, and contract and enterprise agreement negotiations.

Working in employment law and industrial relations has allowed Meghann to continue contributing to social justice, along with improving the lives of workers and their families.

Meghann’s clients appreciate her clear and concise manner in providing advice, and her direct and honest approach to their matters.

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Sydney, NSW
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New South Wales

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