December 11, 2023
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Melissa Patterson, SLF Lawyers

Melissa Patterson, SLF Lawyers

Her in-depth knowledge and experience of family law, property law, commercial law and estate law means she can draw on a range of expertise to provide a much more comprehensive approach to legal matters. Melissa’s experience allows her to handle matters of all scales, her ethos is, and will always be “there is no matter too large or too small.” Her experience allows her to guide clients through day to day legal matters such as making a Will or drawing a lease, right through to high stakes Litigation or a life-changing family law matter.

Melissa is down to earth and approachable and strives to ensure that at all times her clients are fully informed, comfortable and empowered.

As a mother, daughter, sister and business owner, Melissa has her head in the real world. She knows what outcomes truly mean to her clients and her drive to achieve for them knows no limits.

03 9600 2450
Melbourne, VIC
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