June 20, 2024
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Peter Horobin, Tenth Floor St James Hall

Peter Horobin, Tenth Floor St James Hall

Peter has a diverse civil practice and accepts briefs in all areas of civil law. Since coming to the Bar in 2015, he has appeared in all major courts and tribunals both federally and in New South Wales save for the High Court. Peter has a particular interest in the law of secured transactions and appeared as counsel for the Registrar of Personal Property Securities in Re OneSteel Manufacturing Pty Limited [2017] NSWSC 21, the first intervention in a case by the Registrar.

Prior to coming to the Bar, Peter was admitted as a solicitor in 2008, being employed with the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department. Within this role he worked in the areas of personal property securities, bankruptcy, native title and significant issues litigation.

02 9224 1555
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New South Wales

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